Wood Chips

Random size 1-3'' chips. Good for walking paths or picnic areas. NOT recommended for playgrounds. Manufactured at Hideys in Westminster.

1-14 Yard15-24 Yard25 Yards
  • Ordered by the: Yard
  • Minimum Yards/Truck: 1
  • Maximum Yards/Truck: 25

How Much Mulch?

Did you know 3 yards of Hidey's premium mulch is equivalent to 42x 2 Cu. Ft. store bags? This means less trips to the store, quicker mulching and less plastic in the landfill. See more conversions below.

  1 Cu. Yd 3 Cu. Yd 5 Cu. Yd
2 Cu. Ft. Bag 14 42 70
3 Cu. Ft. Bag 9 27 45
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