Rich Magin - Owner

Bair Arbor Tree Farm and Nursery

We use Hidey’s compost exclusively as our potting medium for all of our 5, 7 and 10 gallon container grown hardwood trees here at Bair Arbor Trees Farms and Nurseries.  It is consistent in its quality, provides great moisture retention, doesn’t compact in the pot and is a good source of nutrients for our trees in their early stages of development, which is why we have been using it for over 7 years and will continue to use it for years to come.

Scott and Stef

Mt. Airy, MD

Stefanie and I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help with the patio/fire pit. We’re really happy with how it turned out!



No question, just a comment! We had mulch delivered from you today. The nice gentleman who delivered it not only did so perfectly (backing in between a basketball hoop and a fence), but spoke briefly with my husband, gave him a Hidey's pen, and made him smile. I just thought you should know that our first experience with your company was a good one! Have a great summer!



I just wanted to share my experience. I had ordered 2 pallets of pavers to be delivered by a certain date and did this all over the phone. Dee was wonderful to deal with and gave me a great deal along with the delivery date that I needed. The delivery was made and I came home to inspect the delivery. Everything was right except for the color of the stone. It was too late to call but I did the next morning at 6:30am to explain the mishap. Dee called me before they opened and apologized for the mix up. She said to give her some time and she would call me back because I needed to install the pavers that weekend. Sure to her word she called me back and said the guys were on the way down to get the correct pavers and would have them back to my house the same day. I never had to get upset or raise my voice. Hidey's and especially Dee proved that there are still businesses and employees that go above and beyond. It was so nice to be on the receiving end of this for once. In today's world this is not the norm and they should be recognized for that.

Mary Ellen


Dear Mrs. Hidey,

I am writing this letter to convey my grateful appreciation to Hidey's.  I thought I had a problem with my Star golf cart.  As always, Dee came to my rescue.  My cart was picked up and the problem reviewed by Dee and her associates.  She called to confirm my concerns and handled it efficiently and quickly.  I am most grateful to find a firm in today's business that gives such personal attention.  Dee handled my problem so quickly and I am so grateful to her and the firm of Hideys.  I hope that anyone who needs or looks for a golf cart will go no further than here, for the service they render is phenomenal.  Thank you very much.

Tom Damiano

Mount Airy, MD

Hidey's delivered Screened Topsoil to us and placed it exactly where we wanted it. It was stone free and beautiful rich soil!

John Murphy


We were very pleased with the quality of the firewood, timely delivery and courteous service. Thank you to the wonderful service from Hidey's!

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