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Hidey’s Landscape Supply yard is Maryland’s premier source of quality hay, straw, bedding, and seed available for delivery in and around Carroll County.  We are dedicated to sourcing every grade and type of hay or seed needed within the markets we serve.  We have many options available regarding bale sizes and delivery schedules to make sure we suit our customers’ needs year round.

VITALITY™ Turf Type Tall Fescue Blend

VITALITY™ blends and mixtures are formulated by professional seed experts, providing the finest, purest, best performing seed varieties to meet the quality and performance demands of our customers who make their living growing healthy turf, restoring natural landscapes, and producing hearty forages. With VITALITY™, you can Seed With Confidence.

3 available sizes:

10 lb bag: $30
25 lb bag: $62
50 lb bag: $119

Anchor pins: $40/ctn of about 1000 or $0.20 each


  • Endophyte-enhanced
  • Dark green color
  • Medium-coarse texture

Establishment Rate

  • Germinates in 10 to 14 days with proper moisture
  • Forms a dense turf in 8 to 10 weeks


  • 100% Turf-Type Tall Fescue



Square baled straw for your next erosion control project.

Protects seed as it germinates.

Price: $11.00 per bale



  • Approxmately 36"x18"x15"
  • Inexpensive 









Single sided excelsior blanket

4' x 112.5'

50 sq yards



  • Blankets promote ideal growing conditions
  • Seed free
  • No watering required - absorbs moisture from the air
  • Photo-degradable netting
  • Biodegrades after 90 days from installation
  • Breaks up direct sunlight burnout
  • Used on virtually any grade

Why More People Trust Hidey’s

We’ve become the area's go-to hay, straw, and seed provider by giving careful attention to the seasons and availability, along with forming close relationships with local growers and suppliers. Whether are a customer needing large or small amounts of product, you can depend on Hidey’s to provide personal service along with a quality product.  We’ve worked with customers in the equine, dairy, construction, government, and retail markets to provide hay, straw, bedding, and seed for over 20 years.

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To find out more regarding one-time or regularly scheduled hay or seed deliveries, call our Carroll County, MD office today at (410) 875-0289 or visit our yard to learn more.

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