SRW, an industry leader, "offers solid solutions to better hardscapes."  Hidey's is proud to offer their professional grade products to contractors and homeowners.  The difference between a solid hardscape project and one that will need to be rebuilt later comes down to solid foundation material, hardscape products produced by Belgard or Nicolock, and the SRW family of Geogrid, Fabric, Adhesives, and Edge restraints.

Weed Control - Professional Polyspun                                                           

SRW Polyspun polypropylene

A fine denier continuous yard laid in random patters. The compressed and point bonded fabric creates a strong and versatile material.


  • Creates a weed barrier
  • Allows air, water and nutrients to pass through
  • Promotes healthy plants by reducing weed growth
  • 15 year


  • Gardens and landscapes
  • Underlayment for mulch and decorative rock
  • Separation


  • 150 sq ft roll $16.50
  • 300 sq ft roll $32

SS5 Separation - Woven -200 lb



Woven fabric is highly recommended for stabilization under paver projects, base reinforcement under roadways and ground cover for green houses or nurseries.

$40/roll 200 sq foot

Flex Rail

Prevent your paver project from shifting; use SRW’s hassle free – no cut flex paver rail.

$10/ea 7'8" long piece

Low Profile

Keep your structure tight and prevent your project from moving. Its low profile is ideal for stone and thin pavers

$10/ea 7'8" long piece

Paver Rail Spikes & Staples

SRW Paver Rail spikes and staples can be used with any of our Paver Rail edging options. We conveniently carry an option of 10” or 12” spikes for your project needs. Our staples make for a simple install and save you money.

$0.50/ea or $63.90/box

Superior Strength Solvent-Based Adhesive - Regular




SRW Adhesive is the strongest adhesive of its kind. It is formulated for retaining walls, pavers, block, masonry, concrete, aluminum, steel and landscaping materials.

$6.00/10oz tube



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