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American Wood Fiber Pellets

American Wood Fiber Pellets (available first week in November) are a 100% hardwood pellet meeting the Pellet Fuel Institute (PFI) requirements for a premium home heating pellet.  We are very excited to welcome them into the Hidey's Family of Quality Products. Their exceptional customer service from the CEO to the sales force will complement the high expectations you expect from Hidey's.

Please visit the PFI website for more info at: http://www.pelletheat.org/pfi-standards

"Consistent, reliable quality pellets, like those from producers that have been qualified by the PFI Standards Program, will help a stove perform the way it was designed by burning cleaner and more efficiently. Many pellet stove manufacturers recommend only using PFI Graded Fuel from qualified producers."

Hidey's is continuing to offer our deposit program:

  • Call (410) 875-0289 and deposit $50/ton
  • Deposit holds your tons at our yard through 2/28/18
  • Pick ups are available at $265/ton - the deposit is applied to the last ton picked up
  • Delivery options include a $20 savings if you call (410) 875-0289 to place your order on our "special route truck"
Price: $265/Pallet
  • Ordered by the: Pallet
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