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An unattractive landscape ‘before’ can be easily turned into an aesthetically appealing ‘after’ by integrating Nicolock products into your design. Crafted in one of the country’s most innovative hardscape manufacturing facilities, quality is found in every Nicolock product from retaining wall blocks to pavers. Homeowners and business owners alike know that their hardscape will be built to last when they choose to build with the quality Nicolock building products we supply to our customers at Hidey’s. With years of experience providing our Maryland customers with only the best building products, we know what it takes to create long-lasting quality landscaping.

What makes Nicolock building products a cut above the rest is the fact that they are built to last. Nicolock pavers are made to withstand all types of harsh weather conditions, and they are certainly some of the most attractive available to both building professionals and homeowners. Nicolock pavers go beyond your average paver by infusing color throughout the entire paver, rather than just along the outside. This keeps your landscape looking beautiful far longer than inferior pavers with only a color coating on the exterior. It’s also far richer and more vibrant, which are features that keep patios, walkways, retaining walls and other hardscaping projects looking vibrant years and decades down the road.

Why Choose Nicolock?

Quality that’s designed to last a lifetime is the primary reason our landscaping companies and the general public contact Hidey’s Landscape Supply Yard with Nicolock in mind. Not only does Nicolock offer a variety of colors, they also offer a product that looks stunning and natural. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, Nicolock is manufactured to be slip-resistant to keep your family safe as they enjoy their outdoor space throughout the year.

Nicolock products are designed for a variety of your hardscape needs. From creating retaining walls, walkways, sidewalks and pool decks, there is no outdoor hardscape project that a Nicolock paver cannot bring to life.

In addition to being the most vibrant and the most versatile, Nicolock is so sure of their products that they offer a limited lifetime warranty on all projects their products are used for. Provided their products are installed according to standards, the company will replace any block that fails to meet your expectations. It’s part of their excellent customer service program, which is only one of many reasons we choose to supply Carroll County businesses and residents with the quality you’ll find in all Nicolock products.

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At Hidey’s Landscape Supply Yard, we work closely with professional landscape and hardscape companies to provide them with the highest quality products to use on their project. Their customers are our customers, and we feel a sense of responsibility to ensure they are happy with the products offered and used in their hardscape upgrades. Additionally, we never shy away from working with homeowners when they want to take on a landscape upgrade on their own. Our company is proud to offer the best of the best building materials, which is why Nicolock is one of the many we offer. Call Hidey’s today to discuss your Nicolock needs; our team of professionals are always more than happy to assist you in answering any questions, helping you choose materials and assisting you in bringing your hardscape vision to a reality.


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