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A portion of June sales will be donated to Believe Big....helping navigate the path to healing from Cancer


 Customer Reviews




“We use Hidey’s compost exclusively as our potting medium for all of our 5, 7 and 10 gallon container grown hardwood trees here at Bair Arbor Trees Farms and Nurseries.  It is consistent in its’ quality, provides great moisture retention, doesn’t compact in the pot and is a good source of nutrients for our trees in their early stages of development, which is why we have been using it for over 7 years and will continue to use it for years to come.”


Rich Magin - Owner

Bair Arbor Tree Farm and Nursery

Westminster, MD 21157


Wonderful kindhearted company and

employees. Thank you!

Hidey's Landscape Supply Yard is my exclusive supplier of mulch, stones, and soil.  As your local plant and stock nursery, I only want the best for my gardens. 


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visit the nursery at: www.terratreefarm.com


Hidey's is awesome!  My only choice for quality mulch and soil for my landscaping business.  I believe quality counts, and when you combine that with a great group of people, you have a winning combination! I am Charles Kline, small business owner of A Clean Creation, and I would be honored to quote your landscaping dream!


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One picture speaks a thousand words and black color enhanced mulch makes a quality statement

  I just would like to let Hidey's Landscape Supply [know],
that I had to stop by to purchase 1 bucket of wood.
I usually receive wood in Chambersburg, PA because
its local. I burned the wood on 27 Novemebr 2013
all night and the wood smelled wonderful and the logs
are a great size so it didn't burn as fast as the
local wood I purchase. I will plan to purchase
wood from Hidey's Landscaping Supply. The young lady
that helped me was very polite and nice and asked if I
needed more than a bucket but I told her I'm getting
wood delivered on Monday. Since your wood is a better
quality I will drive to purchase more wood. You guys
have gained a customer. Thank you and have a wonderful
thanksgiving cause my family is warm and
happy I stopped to get this wood.

Dominque 11/28/13


Thank you so much! When I called for firewood, I knew it was just not going to be the same day. In this day and age, where companies are more about the bottom line that customer service, it is truly a breath of fresh air to see that PEOPLE still care about people! Thank you again and we will remain Hidey's    customers always! Linda, you are wonderful!


Thank you for such a wonderful experience from start to finish! Delivery was great. Very friendly people to work with.  Will Definitely recommend Hidey's to all.  Thanks again.


a stroll behind the barn
Thanks guys! God Bless!
Mulch, wood chip path,
and Delaware dry
River Bed.
wood chip path
Natural Mulch with
wood chip steps

Just wanted to share with you some photos of where your products are going.

Thank you for your hard work so we can enjoy our yard. I will continue with more

views of the yard with more photos........

Mike and Diane

Thank you very much for donating the topsoil and mulch to my Eagle Project. I could not have finished my project without your donation. I have attached a picture of my finished project.
Thanks again
Nana's toy is a big hit with the grandkids!
Topsoil was great and easy to spread; perfect for garden beds.  I will be returning for mulch.
Jason S.
I have ordered mulch from Hidey's in the past but this year was exceptional. My wife & I were spreading the blue tarp to mark the spot for delivery and she severely twisted her ankle. We were unable to finish as we spent hours at hospital. I was unable to call and cancel the delivery. When I came home from work the following day, I was met with a good surprise. The drivers, Corey & John, had not only made the delivery but had come into the yard, found our other tarp, and made a perfect split drop (mulch & top soil) in a difficult location. The overspill on to the neighbor's driveway was even shoveled and swept back into the pile. It's this type of service that will keep me coming back to Hideys!  D.Doyle, Gamber, MD

I have been buying wood since last Fall from Hideys, and I am very pleased with the way the wood burns.
James Downing
Hideys landscape supply has been a great asset to my contracting business for many years. A professional accommodating staff, high quality materials and on-time deliveries will keep me as a long term customer.
Greg Coles
ALC Custom Landscapes Inc
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Hidey's provides a variety of high quality mulch, screened topsoil, decorative stone, sand, gravel and much more all at great prices.
We were very pleased with the quality of the firewood, timely delivery and courteous service.
Thank You!
John Murphy


I come to Hidey's because my customers demand the highest quality mulch. I enjoy doing business here and feel it is a great family business - a true asset to Carroll County. Chris Stubbe    C.S. Lawn

click Chris' picture for a direct link to his website!

I've never had a machine that runs that well.  It is one of the best pieces of equipment I'ver ever owned. When the reverse switch broke, I took it to Hidey's and it was fixed timely and well.  They did a good job on it. Allan Gaunoux       G Properties

I can always count on Hidey's to have the top quality materials I need for my projects. I appreciate that Hideys will work with my schedule and deliver materials when and where I need them.
Fred Botsford


Hidey's provides a variety of high quality mulch, screened topsoil, decorative stone, sand, gravel and much more all at great prices.

Hidey's delivered Screened Topsoil to us and placed it exactly where we wanted it. It was stone free and beautiful rich soil!Tom Damiano of Mount Airy, MD

Good morning. I wanted to write about the wood delivery I received yesterday from Hidey’s. First, I was impressed that I was able to receive the wood on the 2nd business day after placing the order. I appreciated this prompt turnaround. Next, I was quite pleased that the wood was delivered at the specified time by a quite friendly and polite driver, who dumped the load exactly as I instructed. Finally, the load was definitely a full cord of fireplace-sized quality hardwood – no “junk” wood in the load. I’ve been doing business with Hidey’s for a few years now since my previous wood supplier retired and I will certainly continue doing so based on this most recent interaction.  Thank you.  Al Homiak


As any successful gardener knows you start at the ground and work up. When I was building beds at my new home in 2006 I shopped around for top soil. I found the best to be at Hidey's. As you can see the results speak for themselves. Hidey's you grow guys, you grow!
Heather Ballantyne
Westminster MD

When I received my delivery of firewood from Hidey's, it was a very cold, windy day. I wanted my firewood placed in a specific spot, because it would be easy for me to stack but my van battery had died blocking the area. The driver was very kind and helpful. He helped me push the van out of the way so he could deliver to my preferred spot, and when I offered him a tip, he kindly refused. I was impressed with his service and believe that he went above and beyond his job.  Joey Pribble Hampstead, MD

Thanks for your help today! You all are great - from the ride in the golf cart to the delivery and patient positioning of my rocks! I guess this means you ROCK! Patricia

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